cream filled chocolate cupcakes… from a box!

The first week of classes was officially over at 1 pm today. At least for me it was. I must admit that after a little schedule rearrangement the first few days, this semester holds much promise. I’m looking forward to everything to come this year, including all the baked goods from my new kitchen!

Honestly, I should be doing homework right now. That was the whole reason I sat down at my desk in the first place. But, hey… it’s Friday afternoon. That’s no time for homework really.

I haven’t actually cooked anything this past week besides Hamburger Helper, spaghetti with salsiccia, and frozen pizzas. Oh, I guess these cupcakes count too. I promise you this post is not a paid advertisement or anything of that sort. This post is my awe of finding these cute little cupcakes… from a mix!

Now, since I have nothing else to put on here… and it’s been almost a week… I decided, why not? These cuties are made by Betty Crocker and called Fun da-Middles. So, what are they? They’re filled cupcakes from a mix. You don’t have to hull out the center to fill. The filling bakes inside!

So, my idea for these vanilla cream filled chocolate cupcakes? Put some orange zest or any flavored liqueur in the chocolate batter. Maybe add a bit of a vanilla bean to the cream. And you’re set for some semi-homemade cupcakes (Do I sound like Sandra Lee?). Seriously. Check out these cupcakes.

As much as I would love to keep procrastinating here… my chemistry book awaits.


3 thoughts on “cream filled chocolate cupcakes… from a box!

  1. Judy

    Everyone needs a break from chemistry now and again, your appear to be quite productive too. Of course, everyone needs a snack when studying…double bonus! 🙂


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