caramel-filled chocolate pretzels

caramel-filled chocolate pretzels | drag it through the garden

Déjà vu?

You may have seen these pretzels on Drag it Through the Garden last December. They were so good (and so easy) before that I just had to give them a second go-around.

So here they are, better than ever and gooey as always.

Oh, and p.s.: if you’re done with all of your holiday festivities for 2012, you don’t have to use red or green candies! Pink and red M&M’s for Valentine’s day, anyone? Or any color of candy. Or no candy at all! Whatever you have in your pantry of whatever your heart desires will suffice.

Unless we’re talking something weird. Like celery. Stay away from the celery, people!

caramel-filled chocolate pretzels

On a baking sheet, place a caramel-filled chocolate candy (like Rolos) on top of a waffle pretzel (aka butter snap pretzels). Bake in the preheated oven for about 3-5 minutes, until the candy is soft but not melted. Push down a red or green candy-coated chocolate (M&M’s), pecan, another pretzel, or whatever you want on top of the caramel-filled chocolate. Let cool completely before indulging (or storing).

(4 oz. of pretzels will make about 50 caramel-filled chocolate pretzels)


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